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    Saving Your Child From Teen Depression

     A teenager’s world is not only confined to school, studies and homework. A teen can face lots of problems too.

    In the teenage phase, a teen is expected to experience emotional outbursts; he or she can be too sentimental and judge others. But, as a parent, you should help your teenage son or daughter to get rid of depression. Consulting with child psychologists will help you to a great extent to save your kid from suffering. 

    Mood and irritability – A teen girl tends to be moody in the teenage phase. But, if this mood swings happen each and every day for no strong reason, then something is fishy. Take a note of your teen son’s behaviour. Usually, a depressed teen will have a belief that his or her life is going nowhere and there’s no use to continue such a dull life. If this is the case, then encourage your son or daughter as much as you can. Also, consult with a child therapist about this problem.You can tell your child that how you dealt with your life and the harsh circumstances when you were a teenager. Give your child a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on when they need you the most. Another symptom of teen depression is the habit of avoiding the activities or sports that the teen used to love. Even, some teens avoid mingling with their friends and family members. 

    Things to know – Generally, a depressed teen will tense more about the simple matters of life that other teens take very lightly. Some teens think that one must have a great figure to seek the attention of others. Even, some teenage girls put a lot of makeup on their face and even try to dress up like a 30 something women just to get attention from the charming boys. Yes, it really happens and it needs to be controlled. It is a fact that many teenage girls and boys end their lives for not getting their first love. As a parent, you must know that what is going on in your daughter’s life, who are her friends and with whom she is meeting. If you see that your child is skipping school and is becoming thinner day by day, then you must take necessary steps to save your child. It is not normal to sleep for long hours each day and to reach school lately every day. 

    If you think that your child is acting abnormally and you cannot control him, then you should take the help of a psychologist. If your child is falling sick in the school several times in a week, then you must take your child to a doctor. 

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    Here Is To A Happy Partnership Through Thick And Thin

    There are couples who say it is more difficult to bare your soul to a person who has been with you for a long time than to a person that known you for a couple of minutes. This is why many couples avoid going into therapy together.

    Couples counselling is about opening the communication line between you and your partner. There will be a therapist that would act as a referee if anyone of you crosses the imaginary line. Agreeing to be in one is a difficult decision, but if one truly cares for the relationship then they will do anything to save the relationship. Link here http://aresolution.com.au/counselling/psychologist-perth-l-heidi-smith/ offer a great counselling service that can cover all your problem.

    Fear of the unknown

    In psychology, there is what they call fear of the unknown. People have the perception of things even if they have not tried it yet because of the opinions of others who have gone through with it. This fear is the one that hinders people from doing things that they know would help but is scared to try it anyway. This actually is the major reason why people or couples are avoiding getting into couples counselling. Another reason why people are trying to avoid going into therapy is because they know their partner will be there ready to shoot them down. Another reason why couple do not like going to sessions or even to start a session, is because it awakens the dormant feeling of sibling rivalry. This means that one of them or both members of the couple would ask if the therapist will love them more than the other or in simpler terms would take his/her side. The first step is always the most difficult one to take but when they get used to it, the sessions would help them recover or build a new and improve relationship.

    What happens in the sessions?

    First thing that happens is that the therapist asks the couple what made them decide to come and go into counselling. The therapist expects the honest to goodness answer even if it is the ugliest reason possible. Many therapists say that in sessions the green eyed monster is always present and that will be the goal of the couple, to eliminate that monster. Arguing to the point of shouting is really something that is expected in sessions. This is how people can vent their inner most feelings. For couples who have been trying to hide feelings for a long time, even crying would be a way for them to say what they are feeling. Talking is encouraged, both members of the couple would be given enough time to speak and tell what they are feeling towards each other.

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    Battling Major Depression And Other Mood Disorders

    Major depression is one of the most serious and dangerous mental health disorders in the world today. It can break a person down until they can exist no longer, proving to be rather fatal. The other forms of mood disorders like bipolar disorder can also tend to be very serious and harmful, not only to the patient but to everyone around them as well. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 350 million people suffer from depression and it is named one of the many leading causes of disability. This shows that depression is not to be taken lightly. There is a stigma around the word depression that causes people to ignore their mental health and not get help. That is something we should try to break down and stop. Therefore, speaking up about disorders like this is necessary and important.

    Asking for help

    Usually when a person is depressed, they do know that something is wrong and they figure it out themselves most of the time. Depression is caused by social issues paired with issues circling the person’s life, along with some biological / physical issues as well. All of this plays a big part in major depression. This disorder can lead someone to believe they are worthless and unloved, can demotivate them, can make them lose their will to live and put suicidal thoughts in to their head which can lead to suicides, a leading cause of death in the world. Asking for help from family, friends, engaging in counselling services is a must for a disorder this serious.

    The Knowledge

    Try to brush up on your knowledge of depression and side effects along with other mood disorders like bipolar, so you will have a better understanding of what you are dealing with and that is vital. Most patients do not bother to discover facts about the disorder they are diagnosed with and that is the difference between someone who knows what they are going through and ready to fight it and a person who has not tried to put some effort into getting help. Side effects for depression and mood disorders as well could be anxiety, eating problems and other symptoms like self-harm. Depression treatment services at Gold Coast is also something to consider seriously because even if it is a side effect or symptom, it can be fatal too.

    All Treatments

    There are various forms of treatments for depression and mood disorders like drug therapy, counseling, behavioral therapy and much more as well. It is your responsibility to check in with a professional psychologist and get diagnosed with the proper disorder and then get the right form of treatment to ensure your mental health is in good shape.