Counselling & Therapy

Here Is To A Happy Partnership Through Thick And Thin

There are couples who say it is more difficult to bare your soul to a person who has been with you for a long time than to a person that known you for a couple of minutes. This is why many couples avoid going into therapy together.

Couples counselling is about opening the communication line between you and your partner. There will be a therapist that would act as a referee if anyone of you crosses the imaginary line. Agreeing to be in one is a difficult decision, but if one truly cares for the relationship then they will do anything to save the relationship. Link here offer a great counselling service that can cover all your problem.

Fear of the unknown

In psychology, there is what they call fear of the unknown. People have the perception of things even if they have not tried it yet because of the opinions of others who have gone through with it. This fear is the one that hinders people from doing things that they know would help but is scared to try it anyway. This actually is the major reason why people or couples are avoiding getting into couples counselling. Another reason why people are trying to avoid going into therapy is because they know their partner will be there ready to shoot them down. Another reason why couple do not like going to sessions or even to start a session, is because it awakens the dormant feeling of sibling rivalry. This means that one of them or both members of the couple would ask if the therapist will love them more than the other or in simpler terms would take his/her side. The first step is always the most difficult one to take but when they get used to it, the sessions would help them recover or build a new and improve relationship.

What happens in the sessions?

First thing that happens is that the therapist asks the couple what made them decide to come and go into counselling. The therapist expects the honest to goodness answer even if it is the ugliest reason possible. Many therapists say that in sessions the green eyed monster is always present and that will be the goal of the couple, to eliminate that monster. Arguing to the point of shouting is really something that is expected in sessions. This is how people can vent their inner most feelings. For couples who have been trying to hide feelings for a long time, even crying would be a way for them to say what they are feeling. Talking is encouraged, both members of the couple would be given enough time to speak and tell what they are feeling towards each other.